Bethlehem FORCE Youth Basketball


Boys 2nd-5th grade (currently) Parochial Schools only. **See below of Exceptions

3v3 PLAYMAKER League Customized for for Individual Skill development and Basketball IQ

PLAYMAKERS Practice plans and Coaches Guide issued to ALL Coaches for exact practice outlines and everyone does same weekly sessions.

Expected Price is $160 for entire 7 week Season. Discounts available for all League Volunteers (Coach, asst, clock/book, ref etc)

*Practice will be on either Monday or Wednesday nights., Games will be on Either Friday nights or Saturday mornings.

*Mandatory Tryouts for Team Placement are on May 15th for 2nd/3rd grade and the 17th for 4th-5th grade teams.  (payment at this time)

Limited spots available. only building 4 teams per divsion, register to save your spot only.

**Kids outside the Parochial schools can be accepted but will be placed on a standby list until  may 17th. If there are open spots then they will be filled by that list.  I will not be publishing the info to those schools so these would have to be word of mouth etc.**

Call or Email League Director Jeremy Cissell 502-275-9459  or 502-275-9464 for questions